Hawkins Souring Blends
Beer Sampling Process

The Hawkins Souring Blends afford the brewer opportunities to introduce new beer styles to the market without interrupting tight brew schedules or potentially infecting the brewhouse. This gives you the opportunity to bring new products to the market quicker and with greater volume potential.

Step 1: Hawkins Souring Blends

Wheat beers and Saisons are good neutral starting points to begin your evaluation, however, many other styles have also blended well with the Hawkins Souring Blends - including unique fruited and fruited wheat styles. The Hawkins Souring Blends are specifically designed to aid in the brewing process while providing increased flexibility in production and flavor profile.

Step 2: Sampling Size

3.4oz (100 mL) sample glasses commonly used

3.4oz = 100 mL
Step 3: Souring Blend Screening

Using one beer and one dosage level compare the three Souring Blends

Control beer: do not add any souring blend - used for before and after comparison
  • Starting dosage at 0.40% Equals 0.5mL per 3.4oz (per 100 mL)
  • You should use caution and protect sensitive surfaces from drips of concentrated sour blends

Helpful Hints

  1. Dosing chart is only a guideline based on traditional styles and previous evaluations.

  2. Hawkins Souring Blends are brewing aids intended to assist in managing flavor profiles as well as a providing a brewery safe process for sour beer production.

  3. In addition to using The Hawkins Souring Blends as a traditional souring aid, the Fruit souring blend can be used at low dosage range to brighten flavor profiles across many styles.

  4. The X Factor blend at higher dosages can enhance the funk factor in many fruited beer styles.

  5. Aid to Recipe Development - All three souring blends add unique and specific profiles, so evaluating all three blends is critically important.

  6. The Berliner Sour is lactic acid forward and provides a clean and refreshing profile to many beer styles and recipes.

Step 4: Souring Blend Dosage Comparison

Slightly increase second and third dosage for additional taste options and comparisons. (see dosing chart)

You can easily adjust the dosage - weaker to stronger - until you find the ideal flavor profile.

*Below are the inclusion rates for Hawkins Beer Souring Blends. The "Volume of Beer" column indicates the amount of beer that you would like to sour. The "Souring Blend Inclusion" column indicates the amount of Beer Souring Blend that needs to be added to sour the desired volume of beer. Ranges of sourness (how sour you would like the beer) are listed in the three columns under the souring blend inclusions.

Inclusion Rates for Souring Blend Sample Bottles (3 ml dropper)
Volume of BeerSouring Blend Inclusion (Number of Drops)
mlozLow RangeMedium Low RangeMedium High RangeHigh Range
Inclusion Rates for Souring Blend Sample Bottles (250 ml bottle with syringe)
Volume of BeerSouring Blend InclusionSouring Blend Purchase
mlozGallonsBarrelsLow RangeMid RangeHigh Rangeoz/ml/galGallons
Inclusion Rates for Souring Blend Sample Bottles (Production Volumes)
Volume of BeerSouring Blend InclusionSouring Blend Purchase
mlozGallonsBarrelsLow RangeMid RangeHigh Rangeoz/ml/galGallons
Test 18600.0 600 74.4 93.0 139.5 gal